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After 5 years living in a van we put together this guide for you so that we can share everything we know about living the Van Life, Off-Grid and On The Move.

This book is here to act as the ultimate guide to enable you to live a happy and healthy life based out of a vehicle, regardless of whether you’re a weekend warrior looking for short adventures in an RV or wanting to upgrade your lifestyle and pursue full-time van life.

We’ve included everything from finding and customizing your rig, to how you can live a fulfilled and sustainable life out of a vehicle.

The information within these pages will answer everything you have been deliberating about van life, and more importantly it will also answer the questions that you didn’t yet know that you needed to ask!

We did this to save you money, so you can learn from our experiences, avoid costly mistakes, and to help you make the best decisions for your own adventures.

✘ STAGE ONE – Preparing For Life On The Road

Takes you through everything you need to know about preparing yourself and your vehicle for living a comfortable life out of a vehicle.

✘ STAGE TWO – Living On The Road

From where to sleep, to how to keep clean and healthy, this section is all about the fun part, life on the road!

✘ STAGE THREE – Lasting and Making Your Nomadic Life Sustainable

In Stage Three we share with you how you can mitigate the biggest challenges you’ll face and how you can make this lifestyle perpetually sustainable through a wide range of nomadic jobs.

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