A portion of sales from the South Carolina-based retailer’s new line of saltproof inshore fishing rods will benefit oyster reef restoration.

Since launching in 2017, Toadfish Outfitters has garnered a reputation for making high-quality oyster knives and other lifestyle products that support healthy coastal waters on the East and Gulf coasts. On August 10, Toadfish dipped its toe into the fishing rod manufacturing pool for the first time.

The company has launched the Inshore Series: a seven-piece collection of lightweight inshore fishing rods. Similar to environmental efforts linked with all its products, the company has committed to replanting 10 square feet of new oyster beds with every purchase from the new Inshore Series.

All rods are designed with saltproof components. The rods sport a seamless, ergonomic, one-piece handle that integrates the reel seat and uses a mix of glass-filled nylon and recycled plastic instead of traditional cork.

Toadfish InShore rod

Oyster Shells: The Secret to Cleans Coastlines

“We’re passionate about our new inshore rods — not only because of their revolutionary design but because they allow us to fulfill our mission of creating healthy coastal ecosystems,” said Toadfish founder Casey Davidson.

Davidson’s company has planted over 50,356 square feet of oyster habitat in the past year. Oyster shells encourage healthy coastlines in myriad ways, including serving as a natural filter and providing habitat and shelter for marine animals and plants.

In its first year in business, Toadfish was able to donate $40,000 to oyster-reef restoration programs through a growing line of products.

Rods to Catch Fish and Build Oyster Beds

The sleek design of the new fishing rod series stands out, with teal-colored soft-touch rubber handle inlays that provide maximum grip and an added layer of protection for saltwater fishing enthusiasts. Each rod also touts Kigan 3D stainless steel guides and a hidden hook safe that fully hides and secures the hook when not in use. 

“We want to give other saltwater anglers the chance to get out and give back, and to help make saltwater fishing more sustainable,” said Davidson.

The Inshore Series comprises seven different size/weight combinations all designed for a range of inshore fishing styles. Each rod costs $138.

1. Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod, 5 feet 11 inches

This is a lightweight rod designed specifically to catch sheepshead. It maneuvers easily in the tight spaces sheepshead hole up in, but it’s still powerful enough to keep the fish from snagging up and popping off the line.

Line: 10- to 30-pound braid

Lure: 1/4–1 ounce

2. Medium Light Fast Spinning Rod, 6 feet 8 inches

A versatile rod with a responsive tip, this one’s fast enough to feel every bump, but not so fast that it pulls hooks. It loads and launches effortlessly with jig heads and lightweight bait.

Line: 6- to 15-pound braid

Lure: 1/8–5/8 ounce

3. Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod, 6 feet 8 inches

This rod is great for working a variety of baits. It packs enough power to hook and reel in most inshore species.

Line: 8- to 20-pound braid

Lure: 1/8–3/4 ounce

4. Medium X-Fast Spinning Rod, 7 feet 2 inches

This classic 7-foot rod with an extra 10 feet of casting distance provides more control around a boat or kayak.

Line: 8- to 20-pound braid

Lure: 1/8–3/4 ounce

5. Medium Heavy Fast Spinning Rod, 7 feet 2 inches

This powerful rod is built for record chasers, jetty junkies, and big bait fishing.

Line: 10- to 30-pound braid

Lure: 1/4–1 ounce

6. Medium Light X-Fast Spinning Rod, 7 feet 4 inches

This rod is built for longer casts with the “trout give” to fight the big ones without busting your line.

Line: 6- to 15-pound braid

Lure: 1/8–5/8 ounce

7. Medium Heavy Fast Spinning Rod, 7 feet 6 inches

This is the heavy-duty fishing rod you need when you’re on the hunt for the most gargantuan of the big fish.

Line: 10- to 50-pound braid

Lure: 1/4–1 ounce

Up for Grabs

Anglers looking to purchase one of the new rods can place a pre-order now on Toadfish Outfitters’ website. The series will be sold in independent tackle shops throughout the U.S. and through the company’s website, which recently began filling orders on August 10.

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