They say moving house is one of the most stressful times of your life. We do it often.

In the past year we’ve doubled the number of miles on our odometer, and flown around the world and back.

We wintered in Baja and produced season 4 of Hasta Alaska and now we’re ready to start with “Season 5 – The Road to The Arctic!” – Its going to be awesome! Scandals and Drama like we couldn’t have written, but that’s the beauty of a Real Life Series. The filming is now complete, now we are ready for post production!

We’re constantly moving house at the moment, complying with visa regulations so that we can be true digital nomads and bring you the best travel content on YouTube.

Currently we’re producing from a tent trailer in Canada, soon we will have to relocate to Europe to finish the rest of the Hasta Alaska Travel Series.

Our series is produced for you and by YOU, so if you would like to help us produce Season 5 then please join us on Patreon via this link: httpss://

*hint – Patron get behind the scenes bonus content and exclusive previews from the next series!