I have worked in video for 20 years, mainly producing travel related content. This includes two years of full time travel as one of youtube’s first travel vloggers. I’ve also produced some of the first online documentaries for the ABC. (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

I have decided to set up a course teaching others how to turn their travels into video stories. I want to run a kickstarter campaign to test interest in such a course.

I envisage my audience will range from travelers wishing to improve their travel videos to those who wish to make a profession of it.

I am looking for Travel Mavens interested in promoting my course on social media or in a blog submission. I will have one segment for travel mavens to view in August, either ‘Finding your voice’ or ‘How to make money with your video camera as you travel’ and a generous affiliate program. I’m also happy to write a post for popular travel blogs about travel video tips if needed.

I think my course will be fairly unique in that I will be using practical video examples from around the world to help explain concepts and lessons. I’m also a qualified trainer, having taught various courses including coaching multinationals how to use video in their marketing campaigns.

I plan to start my kickstarter campaign on the 22nd May and will have a media pack available, including photos and a video to make things easy.

I have refined my course down to six succinct segments – Finding your voice, gear selection, story and format, staying out of trouble, finding great stories and how to make money from video.

When the course is complete it will retail online for $120. On the kickstarter campaign supporters can receive the whole course for just $50.

I envisage the course being completed August 2017. If you are a travel maven with a substantial social media following and blog, I’d love to hear from you!