I’m currently designing two courses; one related to how to create travel videos, and one related to how to create business profile videos.

These courses will be set up for students with basic to professional camera and editing skills and will be more related to format and storytelling.

I’m keen to get some feedback from prospective students on what their problems are with relation to creating compelling video stories.

How to create travel videos

I envisage this course will be suitable for travelers, video producers and photographers or writers who have started exploring video.

What I am interested to know is what problems do prospective students have with regard to putting together coherent audio-visual travel stories using video. When you come back with all those photos, journal entries and video, what are your pain points? Is it related to making it all into a story, or more related to learning pre-trip skills like how to interview people and gather all media for post trip story development?

How to create Business Profile Videos

I envisage this course will be suitable to business owners, video producers and advertising agencies, hoping to streamline their business marketing videos using a tried and tested format.

What are your pain points in producing your business video marketing? Is it related to the actual process of making succinct videos, or is it more related to aspects of production, like talking to camera and looking natural?

If these course ideas appeal to you, I’d love to hear your feedback on what you need to learn to create short, well organised videos. Feel free to comment below.

Source: https://www.overlander.tv